How to select a physician

Choosing the right physician is the first important task for your medical health.  A physician who may be right for a relative or friend may not have the medical expertise for a chronic condition or disease that you may have.  Physician choices also are based on personal preferences in personality and bedside manner.  Included below are some tips on what questions to ask a prospective physician before a serious health problem arises.

All of the above information provides a general guideline to choosing a physician.  It is important to keep in mind that finding and keeping a physician is beneficial to your overall health because that physician is aware of your medical history and can coordinate all aspects of your care. Call or visit the following links to obtain more information on physicians:

  • The Nashville Academy of Medicine provides physician information by calling 615-712-6236 or visiting our physician locator service.
  • The Tennessee Department of Health website has information on license verification, disciplinary information and practitioner profile information.  Visit  Type in the last name of the physician, the state code (TN) from the dropdown box and select “medical doctor”, or “osteopathic physician” as the case may be, from the “profession” category.

(Originally written by Mack A. Land, M.D., Past-President of The Memphis Medical Society)

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