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Many physicians actively participate, but even if your busy life doesn’t allow for time to attend committees or meetings, your membership dollars support work at the local, state, and national levels to problem solve and resolve medical issues affecting medicine today.  Our focus is on the interests of physicians and the healthcare of our community.  Your membership allows us to continue making a difference.

We value the support of all Nashville physicians to continue to create a dynamic medical society

Top 10 Reasons to Join:

10.       We make it easy to connect (mail, email, Facebook, Twitter, events)
9.         Provide outreach to those in need (Project Access Nashville)
8.         Superb educational opportunities
7.         Active community with like interests
6.         Fantastic small events and mixers as well as lively annual events
5.         Physician Referrals
4.         Discounted services for your business
3.         Be informed about the latest trends and medical news
2.         First-class networking

And the #1 reason to join…
We give physicians a vehicle to speak as one unified voice to affect issues that impact medicine


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If you would like more information about investment levels, please visit our Membership Investment page. If you would like to speak to our director of physician engagement about joining the Nashville Academy of Medicine and TMA, please call 615-712-6236.


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