Tennessee Medical Association Leadership from NAM

The Nashville Academy of Medicine is honored to have diverse and engaged members at the statewide level who dedicate their time to serve on committees and in leadership with the Tennessee Medical Association. Please join us in recognizing and thanking the members below for their service.

The following NAM members were elected to the bolded leadership positions within the TMA. 

These four members also currently serve on the NAM Board of Directors, and three are previous presidents of the Nashville Academy of Medicine. We appreciate the strong connection that NAM and TMA have in promoting great leaders from the local to the statewide level.  Please scroll down to see our committee leaders also!

George ""Trey"" Lee, III, MD
Vice-Speaker of TMA House of Delegates
Membership and Recruitment Committee

Adrian Rodriguez, MD
TMA Board of Trustees 
Chair, Education Committee


M. Kevin Smith, MD

2020-2021 TMA President
Legislative Committee
Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Robin Williams, MD
TMA Judicial Council
Chair, Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The following NAM members serve on committees of the Tennessee Medical Association.  Many NAM members serve in local leadership opportunities before being nominated by NAM to serve in statewide positions. If you are interested in local leadership or TMA committee leadership in the future, please send an email to Rebecca Leslie at rleslie@nashvillemedicine.org.

Newton Allen, MD

Chair, IMPACT Committee

Noah Harrison
2021-2022 Chair, Medical Student Section

Adele Lewis, MD
Chair, Public Health Committee

Brent Moody, MD
IMPACT Committee

Ananya Sharma
Education Committee - MSS Representative

Daniel Whitfield

Co-President of Vanderbilt Chapter of NAM/TMA/AMA

Natalie Dickson, MD
Chair, Insurance Issues Committee

Leah Jesse, MD
2020-2022 Chair, Resident and Fellows Section
Legislative Committee - RFS Representative

Rodney Lewis, MD

Legislative Committee
Membership and Recruitment Committee

Daniel Pereira, MD
2020-2021 Board of Trustees, MSS Representative

Elias Seise
President of Meharry Chapter of NAM/TMA/AMA

Jeffanie Wu
Co-President of Vanderbilt Chapter of NAM/TMA/AMA

Michael Feldman, MD
2020-2021 TMA RFS Representative to the Board of Trustees

Gerald Jones, MD
2020-2021 Secretary, Medical Student Section

Megan McLeod
2020-2021 MSS Vice Chair
Constitution and Bylaws Committee - MSS Representative

V. Seenu Reddy, MD
Insurance Issues Committee

Jane Siegel, MD
Insurance Issues Committee

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