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Recent NAM News:

May 2024 - NAM News E-newsletter
House of Delegates Recap, MFN's Physicians Ball Sponsor Call, Grand Opening of the Frist College of Medicine, and more!

April 2024 - NAM News E-newsletter
Successful Day on the Hill, Volunteer Thank You, Prescription Drug Take Back Day, and more!

March 2024 - NAM News E-newsletter
Doctor's Day on the Hill, TennCare Episodes of Care, MFN's New Look, and more!

February 2024 - NAM News E-newsletter
Successful Presidents Reception, Register for Doctor's Day on the Hill, Pizza and Politics Recap, and more!

January 2024 - NAM News E-newsletter
Letter from the President, 2024 President's Reception, Membership renewals, and more!


December 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Holiday Open House, 2024 President's Reception, Successful Legislative Reception Recap, and more!

November 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Legislative Receptions, 2024 Leadership Slate, Holiday Open House, and more!

October 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Physician's Ball Tickets, Successful Student and Resident Social, New Webinar Series, and more!

September 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
NPSA Day, Women in Medicine Month, 37th Geriatric Update Conference, and more!

August 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Local and State Medical Leadership Opportunities, Student and Resident Social, and more!

July 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Student and Resident Welcome Social, Mate Act Education Course, Physicians Ball, and more!

June 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
NAM Medical Student Awards, Insurance Workshop Series, New Laws Effective Immediately, and more!

May 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
House of Delegates Recap, 2023 Member Survey, Legislative Wins for Physicians in 2023, and more!

April 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Thank you to our volunteers, Day on the Hill Recap, TMA Insurance Workshop Series, and more!

Nashville Academy of Medicine Statement on Gun Violence

March 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Doctors' Day on the Hill is March 7, Happy Doctor's Day, The Importance of the Local Medical Society, and more!

Feburary 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
2023 Presidents Reception Recap, Doctors' Day on the Hill, TennCare Episodes of Care Feedback, and more!

January 2023 - NAM News E-newsletter
Letter from our President, President's Reception, New Laws, and more!



December 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
Virtual Kendra Scott Gives Back Event, TN-PSQ, Proper Prescribing CME, and more!

November 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
November virtual member meeting, 2023 NAM Leadership Slate, TN Women in Medicine annual meeting, and more!

October 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
Insurance Workshops, Upcoming Events, TMA signs on to Medicare Physician Payment letter and more!

September 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
Physician Suicide Awareness Day on Sept. 17, Resident and Student Social, and more!

August 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
All-Member Meeting on Physician Well-Being, Resident and Student Social on Sept. 20, and more!

July 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
July NAM News: Prior Authorization, Physicians Ball Tickets Available, New Law Guide Topics, all member meeting, and more!

June 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
NAM Focuses on Physician Wellness, New Laws Effective July 1, Legislative Summary, and more!

May 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
Major Legislative Wins, House of Delegates Recap, Project Access Nashville Impact, and more!

April 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
Thank you volunteers, Dr. Matthew Walker Sr. Legacy Award, All member Zoom April 21, and more!

March 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
March NAM News: Day on the Hill Returns, BME issues new CME rules, TMGMA Spring Conference, Frist College of Medicine Hiring, and more!

February 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
February NAM News: Message from the President, Day on the Hill, TMA Elections End Today, and more!

January 2022 - NAM News E-newsletter
January NAM News - Letter from Our President, 2022 President's Reception Update, Volunteer Opportunity, NAM Show Hatch Print, and much more!


December 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
December NAM News - Highlights from 2021, Join Us for Our 2022 President's Reception, Volunteer Opportunity, New Prescribing Training Course Available, and much more!

November 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
November NAM News - NAM Nominating Committee's Slate of Officers and Directors for 2022, Recap of of Legislative Reception, TMA Database Updates Require Your Attention, an Invitation to a Holiday Open house, and much more!

October 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
October NAM News - Bicentennial Gala Recap, Legislative Reception Set for November 16, NAM President Honored by Nashville Medical News, KraftCPAs Healthcare Cybersecurity Webinar, and more!

September 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
September NAM News - September is Women in Medicine Month, Virtual Meeting About Covid-19, 2021 Legislative Summary, Early Bird Registration for September 30 Tennessee Healthcare Symposium, and more!

August 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
August NAM News - NAM and TMA Condemn Threats Toward Health Care Professionals, Call for 2022 Leadership Positions, Administering of Monoclonal Antibodies to COVID-19 Positive Individuals, and more!

TMA and NAM Condemn Threats Toward Health Care Professionals.

July 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
July NAM News - NAM Unveils 200th Historical Timeline, Join NAM for Our Student and Resident Social, Meet Our Newest Team Members, COVID-19 Fatality Review Program, and more!

June 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
June NAM News - Tickets on Sale for Bicentennial Gala, NAM Honored by TMA House of Delegates, TennCare EHR Incentive Submission Period, and more!

May 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
May NAM News - The Big Payback, TMA House of Delegates, TN Professional Privilege Tax Due, 2021 Dues Renewal, and more!

April 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
April NAM News - Virtual Member Meeting, Registration Open for Vaccine Providers, HPV Vaccine - What Physicians Needs to Know, and more!

March 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
March NAM News - Senate Resolution Honors NAM, Virtual Day on the Hill, 2021 Dues, AMA Webinars, and more!

February 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
February NAM News -  Happy New Year Card, COVID-19 Update, Virtual Day on the Hill, and more!

January 2021 - NAM News E-newsletter
January NAM News -  NAM’s 200th Anniversary Logo, President’s Reception and Letter, TMA and AMA Webinars, and more!

2021 - Happy New Year Card


December 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
December NAM News - Reminders for January 1, Holiday Highlights, COVID Safety Reminders, Upcoming Virtual Events, and more!

NAM urges you to be safe during the holidays.

November 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
November NAM News - 2021 Leadership Slate, President's Reception, Giving Tuesday, and more!

October 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
October NAM News - CARES Act Provider Relief Funds, NAM at Cheekwood, AMA COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar, TN Healthcare Symposium, and more!

September 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
September NAM News - Legislative Reception, TMA President's Town Hall, Free CME, COVID Maps, and more!

August 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
August NAM News - Free CME, 2021 Leadership Nominations, Foundation Updates, Audits for HHS grants, and more!

July 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
July NAM News - Teletown Hall with Gov. Lee, Summer Webinars, MIPS hardship exemptions, AMA telehealth survey, and more!

Letter From the President - Now is our time to make a difference.

June 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
Letter from the president, Summer webinar series, legislative session updates, and more.

May 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
COVID-19 resources for reopening, membership renewal deadline extended, webinars you may have missed, and more.

April 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
COVID-19 Call for Physicians on 4/9, Professional Privilege Tax Deadline Extended, NAM has moved, and more!

Professional Privilege Tax Due Date Extended to JULY 1
The Tennessee Department of Revenue has extended the due date for filing and paying the professional privilege tax from June 1, 2020 to July 1, 2020.

COVID-19 Update for NAM Members
We have updated the web site with COVID-19 resources, in addition to a physician wellness screen.  Please reach out to us at any time.  NAM IS HERE FOR YOU!

March 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
Big Wins for Physicians, COVID-19 Resources, Day on the Hill Transitions to Virtual Advocacy Day, and more!

February 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
Notable Member Achievements, Day on the Hills, President's Reception Highlights, and more!

Press Release: Nashville Academy of Medicine, the oldest medical society in Tennessee, elects first African American president and names new 2020 board leadership.

January 2020 - NAM News E-newsletter
President's Reception, MIPS Reporting, 2020 Legislative Priorities, and more!



December 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
2019 Highlights, Presidents Reception, NMGMA Partnership, and more!

November 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
2020 Officers, Holiday Open House, Nashville Health Survey Results, and more!

October 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Upcoming NAM Monthly Events, Member Survey, TMA's Medicaid Block Grant Statement, and more!

September 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
TN Healthcare Symposium, Upcoming Monthly Events, Final Issue of Tennessee Medicine, and more!

August 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Legislative Reception, NAM 2020 Leadership Opportunities, MFN Annual Report, and more!

July 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Balance Billing, Night at the Ballpark, Legislative Reception, and more!

June 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Sounds Game, Meeting with the Commissioner Recap, Women in Medicine Event, and more!

May 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Big Payback, Member Event with Commissioner, NAM Night at the Ballpark, and more!

April 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Spring Social, Member Event with Commissioner, Day on the Hill recap, and more!

March 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Day on the Hill, Physician Burnout Event, Spring Social, TMA Leadership Election Results, and more!

February 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
TMA Leadership Elections, Day on the Hill, President's Reception Highlights and more!

January 2019 - NAM News E-newsletter
Letter from the President, President's Reception, Doctor of the Day and more!



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