NAM Member Profile – Adrian Rodriguez, MD

Adrian Rodriguez, MD
Nashville Skin




Why are you proud to be a physician?

I am proud to be a physician because of the privilege in helping others and their trust placed in me.  The profession of medicine is so unique among all professional fields because of its demands and rewards. I chose dermatology after considering many areas of medicine because of its varied fields both in surgery and medicine, pediatric and adults, acute and chronic care.  I consider it an honor to use the knowledge learned to provide aide to those who need it and relieve suffering in many.  The daily interactions with my patients is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do.  I am thankful every day!

Why are you proud to be a member of NAM & TMA? 

NAM and TMA are crucial to our profession! I became involved in both right after residency as well as my specialty societies.  The House of Medicine needs a place where our colleagues can gather and use the strength of our organization to promote change for the betterment of our patients and community.  NAM provides a true grassroots organization where we can see the local benefits of their work (such as in the Medical Foundation of Nashville) and a place where advocacy starts.  TMA elevates much of what we have in NAM to the state level, further strengthening our efforts to improve the practice of medicine and promote the appropriate changes for our society.

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