NAM Member Profile – Jane Siegel, MD

Jane Siegel, MD
Orthopaedic Hand Surgery
Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance



Why are you proud to be a physician?

I enjoy meeting and establishing relationships with my patients. I can use my knowledge, experience and energy to care for people. I can help them lead healthy productive lives. I can educate people on important topics for their well being based on science. Most of all I am proud to earn my patients’ trust.

Why are you proud to be a member of NAM & TMA? 

Through NAM and TMA, physicians can step out of their boxes. We can meet other physicians in our community, legislators, and local business leaders. We can be involved with medical students and residents, cultivating their engagement in our communities and our future.

When we come together, we can best advocate for our profession and our patients. As physicians, this is our responsibility. Physicians should be leaders in health care debates. We can do this through membership in NAM and TMA.

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