NAM Member Profile – Kevin Smith, MD


Kevin Smith, MD
General Internal Medicine
Vanderbilt Primary Care




Why are you proud to be a physician?

The ability to help people through difficult times with illness and aging combined with the chance to prevent illness and improve quality of life is what makes primary care general internal medicine meaningful to me.  I also appreciate being part of a profession composed of other physicians who are equally dedicated to the well-being of their patients and who have sacrificed great time and energy both in preparing to be a physician in medical school and residency and in practicing and learning throughout their careers.

Why are you proud to be a member of NAM & TMA?

Both the Nashville Academy of Medicine and the Tennessee Medical Association reflect the opportunity for physicians to come together to improve the practice of medicine in our state as we take care of patients and ourselves.  The advocacy of the TMA at the state level combined with the comradery and relationships between physicians with NAM at the local level makes membership in both these organizations worthwhile.  We have great teams of staff and physicians to accomplish our goals.  I count it a privilege to have served as a leader of both NAM and TMA.


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