NAM Member Profile – Lee A. Fentriss, MD

Lee A. Fentriss, MD
Internal Medicine
Heritage Medical Associates
Also an MDVIP Affiliated Practice


Why are you proud to be a physician?

Helping patients with problems, both large and small, drew me to medicine. Also, as an internal medicine physician I am able to build relationships with my patients and often provide knowledge-based reassurance that all is well, for which my patients are typically very grateful.  Understanding the science of disease and being able to correct or modify that process, however, is very exciting and collaborating with my specialist colleagues keeps the practice of medicine fun.

Why are you proud to be a member of NAM & TMA? 

I first learned about the Nashville Academy of Medicine when I was in my residency. Nearly all of my attending physicians were members and relayed to us the importance of professional community. Anyone who was anyone was a member of the Nashville Academy of Medicine. Additionally, I’ve learned the vital importance of political advocacy at both the state and national level.  The Tennessee Medical Association works diligently during both the Tennessee legislative session and their off season to engage and inform legislators about health related issues and legislation that impact physicians and all Tennesseans.

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