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Recent NAM News E-newsletters:

December 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
2017 NAM Highlights, 2018 President’s Reception, Grassroots Opportunities, and More

November 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
Holiday Open House, Slate of Officers, and more.

October 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
CME Deadline Approaching, Message from TN Dept of Health, Upcoming Events, and more.

September 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
Legislative CME, Physicians in Training at NAM, and more.

August 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
2018 Board nominations, NAM Night at the Ballpark, CME Opportunities in September, and more.

July 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
NAM Night at the Ballpark, Free Payment Reform Assistance, and more.

June 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
NAM Members Selected for Leadership Training, New Healthcare Laws, and more.

May 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
NAM Members Receive Awards. deadlines approaching, upcoming DMS presentation and more.

April 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
Provider Stability Passes, Community Events, Upcoming Deadlines, and more.

March 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
NAM Members Selected for Leadership Program, Chronic Pain Guidelines Updated, and more.

February 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
NAM Member running for TMA President-Elect, Day on the Hill, and More.

January 2017 – NAM News E-newsletter
2017 President’s Reception, New Laws for 2017, Tennessee Health Link, and More

December 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
2016 NAM Highlights, 2017 President’s Reception, Grassroots Opportunities, and More.

November 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
November NAM News – Holiday Open House, 2017 Officers Slate, and More.

October 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
Insurance Workshop on 10/25, Resident Reception on 10/5, New Telemedicine Rules & more.

September 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
Legislative CME will be on 9/27, New Resident Reception in October, Guidance on Overtime Rules and more.

August 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
NAM wins two statewide awards, Nominations for 2017 NAM Board, IMPACT holds fundraiser for Dr. Dickerson, and more.

July 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
Four Phases of Physician Finances, Payment Reform CME, Direct Primary Care Agreement Clarification, and more.

June 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
Surgeon General visits Nashville, NAM doctors selected for leadership program, and more.

May 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
Zika resources for Nashville doctors, NAM members receive awards, deadlines approaching and more.

April 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter 
Senate Passes Payer Accountability, Upcoming Community Forums, Deadlines approaching and more!

March 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
Match Day 2016, Workers’ Compensation Training, MedTenn 2016 and more!

February 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
Day on the Hill, Zika Virus Resources, TMA Elections and more.

January 2016 – NAM News E-newsletter
2016 President’s Reception, Issues Affecting Physicians in 2016 and more.

December 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
2015 Highlights, Year-End Reminders, 2016 President’s Reception and more.

November 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
2016 NAM board slate, Event highlights, 2015 Holiday Open House, and more.

October 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
Project Access Nashville Specialty Care (Bridges to Care Plus) celebrates 10 years, New Resources, and more.

September 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
NAM has a new website! Legislative CME, Women in Medicine, and more.

August 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
September 29 CME Event, Member Accomplishments, 2016 Leadership Opportunities and more.

July 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
Notable Member Accomplishments,  ICD-10 Resources and more.

June 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
New laws for July 1,  ICD-10 is 100 days away, AMA annual meeting highlights, and more.

May 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
Recent Rankings, Member outreach and prizes on May 19, ICD 10 Workshops, and more.

April 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
MedTenn Recap, SGR Repeal, Professional Privilege Tax due June 1, and more.

March 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
Nashville Predators event, CMS meaningful use deadline on March 20, Legislative action needed, and more.

February 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
Networking Event with the Predators, Day on the Hill, 2015 legislative priorities and more

January 2015 – NAM News E-newsletter
Insure Tennessee, TennCare Payment Reform, 2015 Board of Directors, Doctors’ Day on the Hill and more