Thank you for supporting the work of Project Access Nashville.
There are several ways you can make a difference today.

Volunteers at Project Access Nashville come from all walks of life and contribute their time and talents in a variety of ways. Whether they see a patient, help with office tasks, or help to provide client services, volunteers make a large impact. By working with the uninsured in Nashville, volunteers have the opportunity to work hands-on, improving the quality of life for many people in Nashville. Bi-lingual skills are not required, but can be a plus. Volunteers must be open and willing to learn!

Volunteer Physician
Project Access Nashville Specialty Care relies on the generous support of physicians who volunteer their time to treat the uninsured patients in our program. We are so grateful to them and their staffs for the excellent care they provide. Since 2005, we have had over 2,100 physicians offer volunteer services. You can sign up to see a set number of new patients per year in your own office, you decide.

Volunteer Interpreter
One-third of Project Access Nashville Specialty Care patients do not speak English as their primary language. Languages needed include Spanish, Arabic, French, Kurdish, Swahili, Portuguese and German.  If you speak a language other than these, we would still welcome you as a volunteer, as we may serve a patient who needs your language in the future.

  • If you are bi-lingual and are interested in learning more about how to be a volunteer interpreter, please e-mail Erica Brahan at, and include "Volunteer Interpreter" in the subject line.

Refer a Patient
Uninsured patients who
qualify can obtain primary care through Project Access Nashville Primary Care and subsequently Project Access Nashville Specialty Care.

  • If you know someone who is uninsured, please share this link with them to see if they may qualify. Click here.



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