Information for Physician Volunteers

Project Access Nashville Specialty Care relies on the generous support of volunteer providers to treat the uninsured patients of greater Nashville. We know that many doctors wish to volunteer their time and expertise; they just are not sure how to do so, especially with their busy schedules! PANSC staff aims to ensure that volunteering through PANSC is as seamless as possible. We handle the financial screening and care coordination to guarantee that your office can continue business as usual. Largely due to our hands-on care coordination approach, PANSC patients have a 98% attendance rate! We are also able to tailor the referrals each office receives based on the provider's preferences. Providers are welcome to specify the care they wish to donate, and we are happy to accommodate that.

Another great benefit of PANSC is our network of volunteer physicians.  If you are seeing an uninsured patient through PANSC, you can refer them to additional volunteer specialists through PANSC. Additionally, any labs or imaging you order would be covered by their PANSC enrollment! Many of the larger pathology and radiology groups participate in PANSC and honor our 100% charity care write off. Through your time spent with PANSC patients, you are also eligible for up to 20% of the total annual required CE credit through the 2010 Volunteer Health Act.

Due to the growing demand for our services and increased community support, PANSC has grown substantially in the past five years. With this growth comes a great need for more volunteer physicians. Any amount of participation makes a huge difference in the lives of our patients!

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, email Anastacia Volz at or call us at 615-712-6237.

Please contact our office with any questions you may have including:

  • PANSC patient eligibility verification
  • Scheduling a patient as a PANSC patient
  • Referring PANSC patients for additional care, testing, imaging, surgery, etc.
  • Submitting Health Insurance Claim Forms
  • Sharing a patient success story
  • Becoming a PANSC Volunteer Physician
  • CME Credit Information

Click here to read a letter written by 2020-2021 MFN Board Chair and PANSC volunteer, Dr. Ralph Atkinson, about the importance and benefits of participating in Project Access Nashville Specialty Care.

If you are a patient or clinic, please see the links below for more information:

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