Information for Referring Clinics

We are proud to partner with so many of Nashville’s Community Health Centers to expand access to the uninsured. We welcome medical providers to refer their uninsured patients in need of specialty care to our program. We will screen patients for eligibility, make every effort to schedule them with a volunteer specialists, and then update the referring clinic on their care.

The Referral Process for PANSC:
Step 1: Have the provider fill out a PANSC Referral Form.
Step 2: Attach all medical records and demographic information to the referral. Include any income/financial information you may have received from the patient if available.
Step 3. Fax the above information to 615-712-6247.
Step 4: Give the patient the Income Information Handout in English and/or in Spanish.
Forms for income verification when traditional paystubs or tax information is not available can be found on the Information for Patients  page.

For questions about referring patients to the program, please call  615-712-6237 to speak with Anastacia.
If you are a patient or provider, please see the links below for more information:

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