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March 25, 2021
Vanderbilt Doctor says COVID transmission is still possible even after vaccine (

March 23, 2021
Study Finds Growing Acceptance of COVID Vaccine by U.S. Health Care Workers - Consumer Health News | HealthDay

March 19, 2021
Doctor’s note: Dr. Bill Frist gives a check-up one year into Nashville’s fight against Covid-19 - Nashville Business Journal (
Regulators declare the AstraZeneca vaccine safe. Here’s what we know. (

March 13, 2021
6 Reasons You Should Get the COVID Vaccine Even if It Isn't 'Perfect' |

March 8, 2021
Crowds make health official ‘cringe,’ urge for caution as Nashville loosens COVID restrictions | WKRN News 2
Child Flu Deaths In 2020-21 Season - Simplemost

March 5, 2021
Which vaccine should you get? 'The vaccine that’s available to you today,' Vanderbilt doctor says (

Lebanese Doctor Vaccinates Dolly Parton Following Her $1 Million Research Donation (

Can sports fans catch COVID-19 in the stands? It's pretty unlikely local experts say (

March 2, 2021
If You're Over 65, the CDC Says to Expect This After Your COVID Vaccine (

February 25, 2021
'Huge milestone': Nashville performs 1 million COVID-19 tests | WZTV (

February 17, 2021
More Vaccines Headed to Tennessee

February 15, 2021
TPAC, Nashville Symphony Look to Safely Return to Live Performances

February 9, 2021
Where Tennessee Stands with COVID-19 Numbers
City, Health Officials Announce Vaccinations for Teachers, Staff Beginning Feb. 20

February 8, 2021
Vaccine Offers Mental Relief for Healthcare Workers
Feeling Sick After Your Second COVID Shot? Vanderbilt Doctor Says That Means It's Working

February 5, 2021
CDC Suggests Smokers Before Teachers for COVID-19 Vaccine
2 Cases of COVID-19 Variant Reported in Nashville as Total Numbers Decline
Doctor Says UK COVID-19 Variant Will Likely Become Widespread in Nashville

February 4, 2021
How Vanderbilt is Keeping High-Risk COVID Patients Out of the Hospital

January 28, 2021

Getting the COVID Vaccine? Don't Do This Before Your Shot
With Vaccine in Short Supply, Tennessee Favors Health Department Over Hospitals

January 14, 2021
Tennessee Vaccine Shortage as Doctors Warn of New, Aggressive Virus Strain

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